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[WINDOWS] Error, can't find the video title ... PDF Print E-mail

This happens when iVAc cannot access to the internet :

=> Check if there is a working connection;

=> If so, then check Internet Explorer connection settings: iVAc (bzw Java) uses IE (bzw OS) parameters to set up the connection.

So if you use Firefox or Chrome, try to use (temporarily) IE and check if the connection is working. If not, then you have the answer to your problem ;-)



iVAc does not convert anything and I get error messages on OS X PDF Print E-mail

=> Use the latest stable version of iVAc. This bug has been corrected

On Mac OS X I get the error "Cannot run program mencoder: error 13, permission denied" PDF Print E-mail

=>Sometimes the Zip archive (or archiver) does not restitute correctly the right on certain files. In this case "mencoder" has no right to be executed (see execution bit).

No mp3 is output whereas computer is pretty loaded. What is happening? PDF Print E-mail

=> The output folder may require some rights that iVAc or the user does not have. In clear text it means that the output folder has to be a folder where you have read / write / delete rights.



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